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Post by LadyDaemontus » 09 May 2017, 03:33

Okay, being serious here. Recently, a father of five and his partner uploaded ''prank'' videos showcasing two of the younger children getting badly ''pranked''. The one who got the most abuse was the young boy. From being lifted up and beaten into a bookcase to being purposefully excluded from family vacations openly on Youtube, a massive internet mob fest ensured to fight for the safety of both the kids. The biological mother noticed the kids' abuse on youtube and filed for emergency custody of her kids and WON! However, during the long ordeal, many took to Twitter to try and educate Daddyofive on various social media platforms, including Twitter. Such notable figures who helped raise awareness was ShoeonHead. NateTalksToYou, ArmoredSkeptic and Repzion. Rep, a gaming and political youtuber, even set up an online fundraiser to help the biological mum afford the costs for the court fees.

In a panic, Daddyofive has spent their time trying to do damage control by pushing the abusive off as 'harmless pranks' and when that plan failed, resorted into trying to delete their videos.

Now, this raises some questions.

1) Why did it take so long for Child Custody Services to get involved?
2) Why did Youtube allow the videos and why didn't youtube do anything about it?
3) While many youtubers are losing thousands of dollars from their content due to Youtube's new advertiser policies, many other people are making dollars from adults uploading videos of abusing kids?

Is our content standards of youtube a double standard joke? What will happen to Youtube if content creators keep losing money for having ''Non Politically Correct'' titles and allowing videos of child abuse go ''unnoticed''? Furthermore, despite Feminists trying to do damage control that Feminism really is for Equality, why didn't they defend the young boy from such abuse? why were they not concerned about the boy's wellbeing?


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Post by MoonBees » 09 May 2017, 05:39

In all honesty, I have never heard of this shít excuse for a YouTuber and abusive father at all in my
entire being, that sounds terrible and I can't believe he would just back that shít up with, "It's just
a prank bro." — I wish this old man knew the difference between abusing your child physically and
emotionally and isolating him and a legit prank for laughs. Pranks are supposed to be jokes to make
people laugh when they find out it was a joke. If I were that kid, I would be furious that he would
tell me it was a prank and not apologize for making my nose bleed and beating me all for YouTube,
and have thousands+ people view it too. That's the worst way of humiliation, and it's almost like
some Deep Web type shít too.

"In a panic, Daddyofive has spent their time trying to do damage control by pushing the abusive
off as 'harmless pranks' and when that plan failed, resorted into trying to delete their videos"

My thought on this guy is, he's fuçked up in the brain and needs some therapy. I don't understand and
I will never understand how people can get a kick out of child abuse. People who get a kick out of child
abuse and maximum violence to the point where blood is shed do not belong on the internet, like at all,
in my opinion. That shít belongs in some illegal creepy aśs Red Chat for fuçking criminals who wanna
get a hoot out of seeing someone get brutally hurt, tortured or murdered in whatever means necessary to
please the Bad Guy's audience.

Back on topic;
I literally love how he called it, "Harmless Pranks" — If he honest to God, truly believed that it was
harmless and he did nothing wrong, he wouldn't resort to deleting his videos to avoid less trouble, right?

That honestly boggles my mind, what a ridiculous parent. People online surprise me to the maximum and it's
just . . . mortifying, what lengths they would go through for attention on YouTube, and views for the money.

I dunno,
that's my thought as of right now.

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Post by Ekko » 09 May 2017, 08:49

This was brought to my attention when I watched a video from MrRepzion, and at first it just baffled me how long they kept this up. I watched some clips and eventually entire videos, and I just have to say that I really kept up-to-date with how this situation was going to be handled. It's good that this was brought to so much attention that the family managed to take off their videos and the biological mother of Cody and Emma got involved. It's so obvious about the behavioral issues of Cody, and it's ridiculous that there were people who didn't think anything of it until someone actually spoke up about it. People actually defended the videos and called it harmless as well. I hope Cody gets the help he needs to recover from the abuse. Especially the parents who thought ANY of this was okay; they really shouldn't even be taking care of children with a mindset that they could just blame the audience and dismiss their actions to alleviate the fact that they are making terrible parenting decisions.
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Post by Kushina » 09 May 2017, 09:04

I've seen a video on facebook about it, but it was only a certain part of the video where the little boy freaks out over his tablet, and tries throwing a chair at his brother. I didn't see the whole thing, but after what I just read, I really hope the father gets the help he needs, and i'm glad the mother got custody of the kids. It's sad what horrible things people put on the internet.

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