Introduction to the Visual Arts 《Rules!》

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Introduction to the Visual Arts 《Rules!》

Post by RukiaKuchiki » 03 Jun 2015, 11:55

Welcome to the place of creativity and imagination. Here you are aloud to post your wonderful art and htmls. Your free to even request from the lovely editors as well.

The following rules have been established to help maintain a civil and friendly environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the discussions found here.

Please read this post completely in order to prevent any potential rules violations.

1) Users are only allowed to have two different editing threads. If you exceed this amount, your oldest thread will be locked until you contact either VA mod. If you still don't contact us after it's been locked, it will be deleted. We are able to merge threads if you need us to.

2) There is to be no stealing of editors works and claiming them as your own. If you are caught stealing works, you will receive a warning. Further action will be taken if you continue to steal. Given you watermark your work to prevent it from being stolen. Mark it or we can't help you.

3) Once you've made a thread, you are not allowed to make another for at least 1 week. Threads which are inactive for a period of several months (at least 6 months) will be removed to reduce clutter.

4) If you wish to use inspiration, credit the original owner - It's basically art theft if you base some art or a piece of writing off of something without credit. Nothing else to say here, I don't believe.

5) Much like how using tumblr themes and using other people's edits without permission are theft, so is tracing over people's artwork. If you are tracing, your post will be promptly removed and you will receive a warning. Tracing is THEFT unless the images are your own.

6) If you're going to criticise, make it constructive - Not all criticism is bad, just as long as you address it in the correct context and not in a sense in which it will offend the artist. Outrightly stating "It's awful!" is rude for starters, though the artist also cannot improve based on that. Explain how it could be made better, without explicitly stating that it's horrible, awful, etcetera.


Code Thieves
(Stated by Skypiea)
[spoiler] We received reports, and Magnusthemes do not approve codes to be shared on Anispace. Acuite does not approve either, unless our editor have written permission. Tumblr is not only a social networking website or a micro-blogging platform - it is a pool of "original theme makers" who share their themes and creativity to the world to be used, inspired or learn from it. Moreover, they know for a fact that it will enable people anywhere. That's when exclusive rights comes in. Just so you know, you automatically own a © All Rights Reserved to your creativity. Take the themes from Tumblr, who inspire many editors on Anispace.

Original theme makers has the right to decide how they want their work to be used. Many original theme makers on Tumblr do not allow commercial or derivative works; some would allow others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work. Considering they retain copyright, you as a member of Anispace must have coder's written permission to re-post, edit, copy, and distribute the template code on this Site. This goes to your Profile and Visual Arts forum. Starting today, any submission does not quote the permission of the coder will be warned or deleted. Thank You. [/spoiler]

Copyrights and Work Preservation
(Stated by einhayate)
[spoiler] What are copyrights?

Fundamentally, copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you create. Be it a painting, a photograph, a poem or a novel, if you created it, you own it and it’s the copyright law itself that assures that ownership. The ownership that copyright law grants comes with several rights that you, as the owner, have exclusively. Those rights include:

* The right to reproduce the work
* to prepare derivative works
* to distribute copies
* to perform the work
* and to display the work publicly

These are your rights and your rights alone. Unless you willingly give them up (EX: A Creative Commons License), no one can violate them legally. This means that, unless you say otherwise, no one can perform a piece written by you or make copies of it, even with attribution, unless you give the OK.

What is a disclaimer?

"A disclaimer is generally any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally-recognized relationship."

and I barely understood that... lets make it simple, something that would apply to the forums

A disclaimer is a statement that disowns the rights enforced upon a material(e.g. artworks, writings, etc, etc...)/ to give credit to the legal owner of the modified work and what not(still requires permission of the creator)

How do we make sure that the copyright is not being violated?

I encourage the forum members to create one thread for themselves and then compile all their artworks in that thread. other members may discuss on their threads but only about the artworks of the owner of the thread. the owner of the thread can post their material anytime, even if it means bumping the thread BUT they must edit the first post to add their latest artworks to the compilation. consider the first post a "portfolio". you can post anything to beautify your portfolio like you do with your profile, as long as it's not in conflict with the rules.

and if other users wants to ask permission from the user, they can post their request within the thread.

NOTE: Users can still post their artworks in the creatives discussion threads like "WhO LiKe To DRaW??~~~and Post some Of Your drawings HerE!!" or "Your Photoshop images" and everything else for the sake of discussion.. [/spoiler]

Stolen/Inspired Patterns
(Stated by LucidCatharsis)
[spoiler][quote="LucidCatharsis"]Recently, we had many cases of users complaining about someone stealing others works. Some people find using of their ideas as stealing; where as, others find it as inspiration.

Fight and Drama caused comments will be deleted followed by a warning so keep it clean please.! For the sake of avoiding fight some names in comments are being "Xed" xxxxx

My personal opinion is that if you use one of someones patterns in your work this does not mean you steal it. Sometimes user can come up with a pattern that someone else had created one day without realizing it. Then he or she are being bombarded with "you stole my pattern" type of things. Using one shared pattern is okay as long as the work is not 100% identical.
Here are some valid opinions left by anispace users
LucidCatharsis wrote:
So if we all start counting how much times we copied from one another we all will be arguing. I understood that xxxx may have came up with this pattern on her own and other editors often take my ideas but I'm only glad that they inspire others. If we all start arguing about seeing one similar pattern this place will be a mess.
Melli wrote:
Thats the whole idea. Even if you don't steal they just go around telling you did.How childish.I get my designs stolen all the time , do I make a big deal out of it ? No. And the fact that they get stolen.
At least i know how it inspires people.And that actually makes me happy.Unlike others.Tsk.

But some just love to accuse and get selfish even though you don't do s***.

This one.This one right here.

I stated that too.Being inspired by someone is one thing.But stealing is another.
Accusing someone of stealing is a whole other thing.
Thats what im trying to state here.
You can't just go around accusing people of stealing and wanting to cause an argument.

Im not denying the fact that i get inspired.As you said all of us do.

But stealing , really?
Katie wrote:I would like to say one thing its not really copying its more like getting inspired. Both Melli and Lucid inspire some of my bg designs so I dont see anything bad ANYWAYS!!!!
BringMeTheHorizon wrote:
I just want to state out that no one, and I mean no one, is ever 100% original. We all get inspired by other editors, and do similar things because we like what we see, it's not stealing, it's inspiration from that stuff comes from someone else. I get inspired by all the work I see on Deviant, the references I download, and I would like to edit similar to them some day.
I'm not implying that xxxxxx' steals or copies, but she does get inspired by other editors like the rest of us. c:
Kittenlover wrote:
Of course I mean the whole signature thing with the gif and what not. I think my brother was the first one to do that and then others started to do it
Then with the banner inside of a BG. I think my brother was the first one to do that n others started to do it.

I know some people aren't original but its not a bad thing. They thought it was cool so they wanted to do it themselves
Sincerity wrote:According to what Kitten said, it is inspiration - I originally think of the icon signature and mostly everyone including Melli, Kickass, Brii and Kakashi were so inspired. We all get inspired in some respect, there's nothing to complain about. To be original is to create your own design, style, art and patent it.
Those were only the examples in editing. There are also cases in poem and story writings so you are allowed to bring them on in here. [/align][/quote][/spoiler]


How many threads are we allowed to have?
- Two one being a editing thread and one being a gallery. Your welcomed to merge both into one thing if you so please in the future.

Where can I find editing help other than the mods?
- You can go here (Editing Resource Thread) for any kind of editing help and there are tutorials as well.[/font]
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