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Re: Film Club

Post by OugiJean » 27 Nov 2016, 20:25

PanicAtTheDisco wrote:
OugiJean wrote:The Raid 2 honestly has some of the best action scenes in a kung fu movie ever! Loved the part where the hero was in prison and started taking on other prisoners in the bathroom. So many of them trying to get at him. That was Pretty wild in my opinion...

The final fight where he goes up against this one dude in the kitchen was personally my favorite out of all the fights because the way they started it was unique. That is some old school stuff if i may say so. Never seen something like that before. It does hold my interest where they could possibly take the third installment...
I don't even think I've heard of this movie, but I managed to look it up to see the premise. Is the second one just overall better than the first or is it just the action scenes?
Sequel improves on a lot of things from the first film. Highly recommend watching both films. Their action scenes are very well done. Raid is by far one of the best Kung Fu movies in my opinion. Hard to decide between this & IP man.

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Re: Film Club

Post by Ants » 27 Nov 2016, 20:27

i'd say the raid is better than ip man
actually, don't contact me.

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Re: Film Club

Post by PanicAtTheDisco » 30 Nov 2016, 06:41

2/10 movies this week. I'm behind but
I've been watching American Horror Story, so I'm just
going to count it as 5/10 because holy f u c k are they

I finished this last night and several times this was
brought up to me. It was also something I learned
vaguely about in class.

"In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of
ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under
the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act" (letterboxd).

Yes, wow, this movie.
The Hunger Games before the Hunger Games, people told me.
To put it simply, I liked this more than The Hunger Games just
because it didn't take 4 painstakingly long movies to get to the
point and because it's the OG. Though, I've got it get out of the
way that sometimes I couldn't tell who the hell was who. It's just
really funny how Suzanne Collins didn't even know about this
until AFTER her book was published.

Some scenes were confusing because of the choice
of camera angle work. I'd say the most confusing
was the whole scene with Kawada and his lover.
Just that little violent scene was enough to make
me go "what the hell happened?" And what throws
me off is oh my god, the bodies. The bodies should
not be moving if you get shot like 20 times in your
torso. These are not super humans. They're adolescents.
Why would they be moving if they get shot up so bad.
Even in the falling action of the movie I was like "nuh-uh,
stop that. There's no reason he could- this is some
magic realism. Chronicle of a Death Foretold, I don't think

On the bright side now, like I said, I enjoyed this
movie more than The Hunger Games. And I keep
bringing that up because I obviously watched The
Hunger Games first, and it's what I'm accustomed
to seeing. I watched all four movies, so I'm a little
inclined to make such a comparison. It's a whole lot
of comparison! Surprised Suzanne didn't copy at
all from this.

It just focuses on characters more in a way. The plot
is scattered with little memories that the viewer pieces
together themselves rather than having it verbally said to
you all the time. Sometimes the backstories aren't necessarily
explained, and that's more so for the sake of time, but it gives
a lot of characters layers to their story.

There's different plot lines that go on and never quite
connect with each other, but it still shows a sense of
unity. The reason being they were all classmates and
they all shared things with one another. At the final
game of basketball, you are shown that they're all there.
Like a remembrance of what was. What could've been if
things were different.

I'm not really a fan of romance anymore when it comes
to movies because that's something every scriptwriter
might as well learn to write about. How do we fit young
little bitches together in some convoluted way that is
so unnecessary to the plot. Here it seems more genuine
since they're all just getting into high school. You know
stuff that happened before all this. Nothing really blossoms
during all the violence but rather everything was established
beforehand. So many "I've liked you for so long" type shticks.

And that's something to me because at least none of them
are making out with each other AS OTHER PEOPLE DIE IN
THE BACKGROUND. I swear to god, it feels so awkward to
have people fall in love and think it's really romantic to just
eat each other's face off while s h i t is still going down.

Everything in this feels bitter. When people confess, they're
getting themselves killed. It's like a genuine reaction to when
people are out for blood. Little last confessions before you go.
That's cute. I like that. Props. No face eating.

The violence was satisfying to watch. I enjoyed the gore fest,
and every girl fight in this movie just made me happy. Not
only is their dialogue just the best (I can't get over that a girl checks
a dead girl's body to see if she's on her monthly cycle) but
just the way they die is like the best.


So yeah, great film. Totally worth the watch. This is a lot more
humorous then my other reviews, so enjoy that.

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Re: Film Club

Post by PanicAtTheDisco » 08 Dec 2016, 14:56

Just a shooting exercise we did for an assignment.
Actors;; Joey & Kay
Cinematographer;; Yuritzia & Riku
Editors;; Joshua, Riku & myself

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Re: Film Club

Post by Ekko » 10 Jan 2017, 13:49

Guess who - yep, I'm still here.
I wanted to get back into making another review and to be fairly honest, I haven't been
watching too much but I have seen some really nice movies. I couldn't really decide which
ones to talk about. I'm pretty much going to copy and paste a review I did on my letterboxd
account where I keep my reviews instead of on here just so I don't have to do a double take
on the same movie. Some movies that I've seen and were pretty amazeballs are: The Rocky
Horror Picture Show, The Produces (both versions), Moana, and of course this one.

With that being said, I'm sure anyone who sees this will remember Prometheus since it's a
movie from 2012, so it's not that far remote from the movie lists.

"The Search for Our Beginning Could Lead to Our End.

A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth,
leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a
terrifying battle to save the future of the human race" (letterboxd).

I woke up this morning and had the urge to watch this movie for some reason. I don't even know why
I even thought of this movie at all; I specifically don't remember even putting it on my watchlist.

However, that first 5 mins? Stunning. I was in so much awe; I practically wanted to feel the
textures and soak up how beautiful the landscape was. Plus, this movie likes to put a lot of
blues in the visuals. I love the blues; I love how everything was so wonderfully colored. I felt
safe in a deadly environment looking at everything.

And yet the body horrors? I was squirming and I kept holding my body as if I was the one in pain.
I loved it almost too much.

I don't really remember many people liking this movie. In fact, it was mostly put in negative light
whenever people mentioned it. Not even talked about, just mentioned it. I remember seeing the
trailer and barely thought anything of it besides that I loved the trailer's epic feel to it. The music
is what drew me in yet.. I never went into theaters for it.

I kind of regret it now seeing that most of this movie would have been more of an impact on me if I
were to see it on a big screen, being swept in by the sheer epicness that this movie has brought to me.

Watched it in one sitting and barely took a break, that's impressive of me since I'm so used to wanting
to move around and gets drinks, go pee, and all that jazz.

I really liked this movie, I swear. I loved the visuals, didn't mind the characters at all, liked the thrown
in mother theme in there, and this full blown desire for discovery. Answers that even I would hope to
get if I was just as invested in it as these people were. It just speaks to me and I relate so much to wanting
to know something that mankind of our generation could only hope to scratch.

I really don't care what anyone says to me about this movie, I just know that my heart goes out to it.
"҉͚̥̹D̮͉̰̼̦o̢̠u̪̥͞b̠̺̩͎̲͙t͓ ̼͓̲m̸̜̗̩e͜ ͈̙͖̣-̣̥̮ ̨I͏ ̭̣̰̪̜͢l̳̞̟̬̹o̴͈̥v̵̭̻e͏̖ ͙̳͚̘͖t̸͇͉̻̮haͅt̻͇͓̮̙"̠

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Re: Film Club

Post by Ekko » 12 Jan 2017, 15:36

And here it is.
So, I've been looking at the forums and I'm completely unmotivated to do more
for this site by how many film posts are scattered around instead of using this club
that was specifically designed for putting information like that. This club EXISTS for
the posts that people are making, and it doesn't even get here. Of course, there's
nothing wrong with this on a normal scale but I don't like the idea of trying to keep
a forum alive when no one wants to contribute to that idea. Plus this is simply an
anime site. I will not grow here in my movie aspects.

So, with that, this will be my last review for this site. For good. I'm also going to become
inactive on this seeing that I have no idea, absolutely no reason to stay besides like.. editing?
To that which is just an outlet thing to calm me down. But other than that, I'm not going to
be active anymore for this site. I just think it's about time I move on and find better things.
If I'm ever around, it's going to be just for editing when I'm feeling really down but I'm
probably not even going to be on the forums unless one of my friends are on there.

So, this is my farewell to the forum and for those of you who do read my reviews and like them,
don't you worry. I write more reviews on my letterboxd account and it's where I spend
my time anyways. I will leave that down below.

Since this is my last one, I will pull up one of my favorite movies. But it'll be a movie that has
a mixed feel to it which is -


Yes, my favorite book is also my favorite movie.
I want to stress that my least favorite thing about this movie is the soundtrack only because
I didn't feel like it belonged there. Like the choice in what was put in for the movie just felt
like it belonged in our era still even when it had elements of the 1920's forged into them. It
wasn't a nice touch and it made me think this was a modern day Gatsby and not a roaring 20's

My heart always races when I see this movie on, though. Like my entire being just melts when
I'm greeted to the sights of this piece. It's so rich and lively. A setting meant to be heard and be
enchanted by. The colors of the clothes, the lights, the people, the atmosphere - I want to dance
and be rich along with them. I want to be carefree and I want to live my life aiming to be a God
in this world.

It seems so unstoppable yet it's still a tragedy, and by the end of it, you just collapse into nothingness.
You don't feel good. You just want to hit Daisy and Tom for being the people they were but you don't
necessarily feel bad for Gatsby since he stayed, waiting a girl so badly, in all the wrong ways. Like
a naive child, in a way.

I could watch and rewatch this over and over and I'll be masked with the possibility in feeling that
drive for power. That drive for wanting more because we could feel destined for that greatness.
To have the time of our lives and to dream like we live forever. And that dream drowns you in water
because that movie reminds that you will leave your seat with the feeling of dread.

Now, of course, this is taken from the plot of the book. And like I mentioned, The Great Gatsby is
both my favorite book and movie. So what about the movie draws to me the most? I guess it's because
it's pretty much what I expect the book to be like before my eyes - despite several parts missing from
the book that didn't translate to the movie. Which to be honest - we're all familiar with the whole
"the book is better than the movie!" blah blah.

I don't care. I love Leonardo being Gatsby. I love Carey Mulligan as Daisy. I love Joel Edgerton as Tom.
I just love how they are living and breathing my favorite book out on a big screen. Even when I watch this
at home, I'm overwhelmed. I start to believe this movie is larger than me. It just consumes me with
a tempting life only to shame me for even peeking closer because lo and behold, these people aren't
good people.

I still quote the book. And I'll never get the expression of Daisy and Tom leaving their home out of my head.
This movie really played with my emotions. The scene of Gatsby dying where the music just looms over me as if
to say that there is no going back, this is it. It's over. It's over. Then - nothing. Glimmers of life leave the home,
leave Nick, and ultimately leave Gatsby.

There is no hope. There is no luxury to hold onto anymore. And I'm always left speechless at the words:

"And as I sat there brooding on the old, unknown world, I thought of Gatsby's wonder when he
first picked out the green light at the end of Daisy's dock. He had come a long way to this blue
lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know
that it was already behind him, somewhere back in that vast obscurity beyond the city, where the dark
fields of the republic rolled on under the night. Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future
that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter – to-morrow we will run faster,
stretch out our arms farther."

Not only does my heart sink with this movie. My throat chokes up. My limbs fail all at once at this sense of
hopelessness. My mind clustered with Francis Scott Fitzgerald's words wrapping around in my mind. I have
found love in this movie, and I will continue to love this movie. Even if people do think it's a shiitty adaptation.

There you have it. My last go for this forum.
If you want to read anything from me, you can find me here.

Thank you guys for everything. Sincerely.
"҉͚̥̹D̮͉̰̼̦o̢̠u̪̥͞b̠̺̩͎̲͙t͓ ̼͓̲m̸̜̗̩e͜ ͈̙͖̣-̣̥̮ ̨I͏ ̭̣̰̪̜͢l̳̞̟̬̹o̴͈̥v̵̭̻e͏̖ ͙̳͚̘͖t̸͇͉̻̮haͅt̻͇͓̮̙"̠

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Re: Film Club

Post by OugiJean » 28 Feb 2017, 16:20

Last year there were about three movies i didn't get the chance to see. Now that i have them on blu-ray i can freely start whenever i please. Maybe this weekend i'll start off with Creed, first, second goes to Warcraft and lastly, Crimson's Peak. It's going to be a fun weekend. Then end my Sunday by go seeing Get Out. Hopefully i can motivate my lazy ass to finish these movies and move on to other ones..

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Re: Film Club

Post by END » 01 Mar 2017, 14:39

I saw logan today


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