Meet the Staff and How to become a Forum Moderator

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Meet the Staff and How to become a Forum Moderator

Post by Skypiea » 25 Apr 2014, 12:59

Enjoying the site thus far and overthrowing evil; please take a moment to lower your activities and familiarize yourself about the Staff.

The Team

The site admin or the webmaster is no other than Captain Luffy. He is in charge of the server for the site and manages and modify the configuration of the website. As his subordinates are managing the forums and members he is managing the structure of the website, system user profiles, and generate periodic maintenance. Despite the fact, he is not responsible for the content management and members of the site, he is responsible for the system errors, web designing cycle and user profiles. Therefore, if you have any questions particularly relevant in the case of user profiles and the system errors please report to the site admin Luffy or skypiea:
  1. Admin
  2. Luffy (site admin)
  3. Skypiea
When the staff members is not successful in performance management and characteristics they will be effectively demoted by approval of the Mod Team and Administrator.

Global Moderators
To the full extent permitted by Administrator the Global Moderators moderate in severity and tended to resolve the entirety of the forums. Not an open group and cannot be applied for a position; capitalize - it is only by the official procedure of promotion from the Administrator. Aside the controllability of the entirety of the forums, they have the power to amend law-breakers; they could issue an official board warning and edit unnecessary profile pages of a member that is deemed inappropriate. Global Moderators have a three warnings system on the official board; third warning is subject to judgment - a temporary suspension or out-right banning for the member. Keep in mind, if a member is engaged to continuity of exploitation, and sort there is no necessary to warn, but suppress without warning. The Global Moderator team are as follows:
  1. OrehCursor
  2. EtherealStarlight
  3. Seraph
  4. Phantasm
  5. Emperor
Forum Moderators
They work alongside with the other Legend group and only warn user on messages and comment walls; they are minions, but are a great help to advocate on behalf of the site. In this group, the members were selected by the Global Moderators and Administrator during the interval timing of Moderator Recruitment Center; they can do various tasks and run the specified forum to flow smoothly. The specify points can include the re-routing of minor task (editing, deleting, merging, split, moving) and are controlled by two-to-three moderators; when there is an uneventful twist occur it is not possible for the Forum Moderator to oust their jurisdiction on another forum. For this reason, in a case to submit a report, please seek out the possible of another staff member. This position is open for all members; only time for recruitment. The Forum Moderator team are as follows:
  1. RukiaKuchiki
  2. xNyctophilia
  3. Auer
  4. tsundere
Anime Reviewers
Anime Reviewers are responsible for evaluating and writing analysis on an animated production. They're responsible to response in a substantive discussion on a selected animated production which includes the following quality of sound, art design, character development, and the overall. Whether or not they do not like the anime of your choice - their interpretation of the animation is to help at least on your decision making to watch the anime. The following list below is the official reviewers; if you're interested in reading other reviewers - Click Here.
  1. Mirage
  2. EtherealStarlight
  3. AbimeDeTenebres
  4. TheCritic
Become a Forum Moderator?
You know who you are and been asking me this question countless times on my comment wall; I hope this clarify. We do not have lifetime positions on this site; therefore, there will be a time when things changed and it might be you joining the Mod Squad. To be become part of the Mod Squad one must actively foster and encourage community wind power and responsiveness. There is more to it and personal issues with power and popularity have no fulfillment in place of such position. You are here assigning to work and maintain and standing order to greatly and jointly facilitate a friendly user experience. Here's how to become a moderator:
  • When we need Moderators, we announce in the Moderator Recruitment Center. You'll be deliberated on the matter, if you've got what we're looking for as follows:
    • do not post off-topic thread posts in such a way that it will lead to derailment
    • integrated communication and take over critical thinking, and organization
    • amazingly talented individuals in their field and/or several years of experience
    • good grammar, spelling, and voice
    • ability to be sarcastic and confined to your own ingenuity
    • possess patience and temperance; quality and flexibility is key, not quantity
    • possessed great maturity and respect among end users
    • being active on the forums and contribute once in a while
    • a helpful dedicated individual and a key player, who play by the rules
    • treating everyone equally; fair-minded; unbiased - be diplomatic
    • good complaints handling
    • being active and making intelligent posts that contribute to serious discussions whenever possible
    • ability to understand others perspective; spell out implications
    • identify ways to improve and provide for the community site
    • sense where a thread is headed; be able to listen, inform and respond
    • knowledgeable, well-respected among the majority of active users, and above all, charismatic
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