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Forum Games Rules and Guidelines

Post by Emperor » 21 Apr 2016, 07:40

Welcome to Forum Games!

Seeing as how this forum has changed hands a few times (and because it was rather outdated), I thought I'd revamp the Forum Games Rules and Guidelines. I have amended and tweaked the existing rules originally written by Soulz.

1. Negativity Free Zone:
Forum games is supposed to be a section for fun and peaceful interaction between other users. When giving out opinions or words to others, please refrain from creating a negative environment that might ruin all of the fun. Negative/degrading words like " Whore, bitch, slut, stupid, etc..." Any negative posts and offensive language will be dealt with a warning.

2. Zero Ratings or Negative Numbers:
I have seen this happening slightly more often, so I just want to give slightly more emphasis towards this. Giving out zero ratings or negative numbers is a form of going off topic and is rather unnecessary. It's considered "no rating" and can cause up an unneeded stir. Just keep it simple and don't give out any of these.

3. Low Ratings:
Continuing with Rule #2, if you are caught constantly giving users low ratings with almost no basis, you will be considered going off topic and will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Too Many Rules & Example Usage:
When making a topic in Forum Games, keep the rules simple to ensure everyone can play and be engaged. If you can't understand the game, where is the fun in that? If you fear there might be possible confusion of the rules, provide a clear example of what you want us to do, or, seek out a moderator for assistance in setting up the game.

5. Proper grammar/spelling:
When creating a game, try to use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. If your post looks like it was written by a toddler just learning to read, you're going to create confusion and may make everyone miss the point of your topic.

6. Off-Topic Posts:
Lastly, stay on-topic with the game at hand. This combines almost all of the aforementioned rules. This includes adding in action choices that were never orginally stated in the OP (Ex. Saying Kill in the Marry, Kiss, Date, or Punch thread). If you have a problem with another user in the forum, don't be childish and derail the entire thread with a negative rating or fight because of a degrading word. Simply move along and play the game. Users who break this rule are at risk of getting a board warning.

Most importantly, have fun! These still are games and should be treated as such. As always, keep it classy!


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