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A review by Rydias
Added on Apr 6, 2016

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Abandoned by their abusive parents and with only each other to depend on, siblings Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa find themselves led astray by beautiful red butterflies that have appeared in their world. Unbeknownst to them, these crimson winged heralds trumpet the beginning of a cannibalistic nightmare—a mysterious virus known as Pupa is about to hatch. After succumbing to the ...

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Let’s tell all the readers the painful truth.

Pupa is a legendary series that portraits the loveliest beauty full of thorns and tears. Certainly the series failed at all of aspects. The series only sole existence is just for showing the ugliness of how human brain can work, which makes Pupa a good example. This series definitely cannot be described easily as the show itself represents the hidden beauty of sickening gore. While on other hand, the idea is seriously insane. Every minute in the series, the story become so dark as it was fallen to the stage of despair, unhappiness, madness and even downright unpleasant. I cannot afford to see the series until the end. Rather, I force myself to see a living hell the series try to show. Clearly, that is the most braves suicide attack I’ve ever done. It's more than a reason to hate this unreasonable and brainless series. In short Pupa is nothing special except its horrifying gore with ridiculous plot and story. Still, we’ve got quite a ride that goes up and down when watching this series. Up because we thought the series might be change and getting better each episode. Down because what we’re expecting will never happen. Worse, the series give a truly magnificent experience, enough for each of us to vomit and trauma.

The series duration is 4 minutes per episode; they do not have much time to develop a magnificent story but successful organized a living hell in a way. Honestly, there none other series that is able to compete with Pupa. Way to go Pupa. You’ve teaches us what it is a truly nightmare. Let us wholeheartedly love Pupa forever.

The story itself is very sickening. Not biased with the others gore series, they come out with a new dazzling concept that makes us enticed at first. Unknowingly, it is a clear trap to brainwash us. Pupa also gives us a new experience to be felt and it is indeed quite a ride. Pupa is about a lovely young girl named Yume whose got infected by mysterious Pupa virus; turn her into disgusting monster which feed on humans. While on other hand, Yume older brother Utsutsu also has been infected after letting Yume feast on his flesh. Surprising, Utsutsu is not dead but rather awaken fast regenerative abilities. Looks like the series is so interesting, but who would have thought this series is actually rotten to the core. Our normal sense is already strangle very hard just to get pass each episode. But, this nightmare is just a new beginning. Before you even realize it, the story is already messed up and twisted.

I’m a fan of gore, I like it very much. But Pupa is not about the pure gore, rather an idiocy and meaningless gore. The violence in this series is a torture. Who’s the victim? Who else if not us. Put aside the storyline, we are the one who suffer the most. The most things I can never stand in this series are the lovely love scenes between Yume and Utsutsu. I rather call this cannibalism moment. The cannibal one is Yume and the victim is Utsutsu. Surprisingly, I still have awareness when finishing the series. I wish I can scream for someone to gouge our eyes out than watching this pitiful scene. Because we clearly only can sit there and watch this horrifying scene. And so this series become more memorable by Yume and Utsutsu cannibalism scene. Yume does a good job showing her affection towards her older brother. This is only one of a thousand from the ugliness Pupa try to show.

The action is not really fantastic but rather acceptable for the wholesome series. The general setting and each place design captures the perfect atmosphere to give us a goose bump. The depth of horror, gore and adding the dark feeling together makes the series achieve a new stage of admiration. Watching it alone in the dark can beat any horror and ghost story I’ve watch. Pupa does not take the story of tales and folklore, rather creating a new tales of horror folklore in their own ways.

The animation quality is really nothing outstanding. This animation is considered average since their main aim is the story itself. But, they do not take it lightly and this is proven as some scenes were very well designed.

For the theme song, it was so loud with nothing of lyric to be learned. This one without exception is really awful. Listen to this song every day probably can shorten your life spans. With remorse, I’m also could not defend this one aspect. Beside the main theme, sound effects are in the opposite direction, and are really impressive. I still can hear clearly in my mind how Yume consuming Utsutsu flesh.

The character designs are very unique. I personally love both Yume and her older brother Utsutsu. They play their characters performance very good. Basically, Yume's personality is pure and nice but fully changes upon being infected. This is the starter of plot twist. Her lust and desire certainly the one manipulated herself. The hunger she feels is beyond normal. She is hungry not for normal food but human flesh. From adorable little sister, she was turn into some ugly monster being. Holly s***!

Utsutsu, who saw his sister's condition, aid her as a black sheep. Currently, he is undeniably immune to diseases and cannot be killed physically. So he will became her little sister human meat supply. For me, this is totally another insane plot twist. This is clearly not love, but pure madness.

There is one other character who really takes my interest. Her name is Imari Ai, a genius yet insane in a way who’s working behind the scenes. Upon seeing Ai, I can immediately sense such a tense dark aura surrounding her yet mysterious in a way. But the only one of her purpose in studying Pupa virus is none other because she wants to give birth of a monster such as Yume currently being right now. What a pity, she is already beautiful and cute but her image is being torn apart when she was pregnant a monster. Ironically, this is definitely not a beauties, I rather prefer to call it as one of ugliest and disgusting aspect that should be exterminate. This series also contains excessive amount of violence. Please give this some thought first before deciding to watch the series. If I were you, I rather choose any other series.

I would never want to watch the series again, or continuation for this series. I still can exactly remember each scene from episode 1 to the end. Could you believe it? We tend to forget any anime series slowly by slowly in times, but it is total opposite direction with Pupa. Pupa also shows what it really is being thrown into a world of depressing, dark future as well as what is the truly of unpleasant sightseeing. At this living hell, we crawled as fast as we can to run from this living hell world, but we are just going to be thrown again each times. Ironically, Pupa also leaves many mysteries in the series left unresolved. This will be a pain in the eye for any anime fans. The ending for Pupa is also absurd. This adds more suffering to the already existing pain we’ve feels. In a one of thousand miracles, Pupa has come to enlighten our day with the true definition of depression.

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