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Anime Reviews > Osomatsu-san (Mr. Osomatsu)

A review by Osomatsu
Added on Jun 29, 2016

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  Osomatsu-san (Mr. Osomatsu)

The Matsuno sextuplets (leader Osomatsu, wannabe tough guy Karamatsu, straight man Choromatsu, cynical Ichimatsu, cheerfully stupid Juushimatsu and lovable spoiled Todomatsu) are now in their 20s, still living together in the same house as NEETs. Their neighbors still include such eccentric characters as fish market idol Totoko, loud bucktoothed troublemaker Iyami, tiny rival ...

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Has no plot whatsoever.
Everyday is a new story, it's not like Game of Thrones where you have to start all the way at season 1 episode 1 to understand the whole show.
Start anywhere you want and it won't even matter, (which I personally love)

I will now give a brief review (excluding the F6 version)
Watch out for spoilers


This is my favorite part of the whole show, low quality matsu bait at its FINEST.

Each of the Matsuno bros are color coded, so I thought it was another easy way to tell them apart.


Osomatsu (red)
Karamatsu (blue)
Choromatsu (green)
Ichimatsu (purple)
Jyushimatsu (yellow)
Todomatsu (pink)

clearly many gay explicit gays are shown
which is honestly the best

its great
the opening song is a very upbeat mood lifter and would recommend
sound effects are up there as well, not too bad

Firstly, the characters and their differences are amazing. Each of the six brothers grew up to be different (no matter how much they look the same) and is easy to detect their weaknesses and strengths. (For example, Karamatsu is every one of their brothers weakness.)

Overview of the brothers (very long)
Osomatsu, the big brother and the leader of the sextuplets.
Probably the character I can definitely, mostly relate to. Lazy, slacks off, will do anything for money, etc. What's best about Osomatsu himself is he is the oldest, the plain and boring one. Gambles his money all the time, uses Choromatsus money as well. No redeeming qualities that separates him from the others and just embarrasses all of his brothers. As the show moves on and gets closer to the end (talking about Ep24.. if I remember correctly he did state he wish he was an only child in the first few episodes) he reflects on his decisions after Choro moving out (along with the rest of his brothers) and he realizes he needs them.

But in the end, episode 25 completely makes episode 24 look like it was there to play with our emotions lol

Karamatsu, the painfully second oldest brother.
Not sure how to explain this one without making him seem like he's all just cringe.
His personality differs from the rest, I think he's also the most easiest to point out as well.
The leather jacket.
The deep voice (with english).
The sunglasses.

I'd say he's the leader of the rest of the sextuplets mainly because he cares deeply for all his brothers. (whereas none of them care for him?? lol) He is mostly nicknamed as "Shittymatsu" or "Kusomatsu" by Ichimatsu. (so much bonding between them, ah)
Honestly his character has not changed at all, stayed the same through out the entire show in my opinion.

Choromatsu, the idol otaku loving weeaboo.
Honestly stands out the most to me way more than the others (personality wise)
Usually is always lecturing Osomatsu, wears formal clothing and doesn't have a single cowlick (like the rest do)
Choromatsu probably changed most noticeably. In episode 24, he moves out and boxes up all of his glowsticks and otaku stuff of Nyaa chan.
Oh and his nicknames are Chorofappyski, Fappymatsu and Alexfapper Graham Bell by Osomatsu himself.

Ichimatsu, furry guy that is just pure trash with a resting bitch face.
Ichimatsu is the most secluded of all of them, usually doesn't speak unless spoken to and is very quiet. He reacts the most while Karamatsu is around, whether it be hate and aggression or calmness. (in my opinion)
Usually is out in the alley petting cats or simply standing there in the back with a tired look.

Jyushimatsu, the eccentric fifth matsu.
Seems the most stupid but looks like he is havin a good time so let's leave him alone.
His personality is the most outgoing, always has a smile on his face and doesn't seem to know at all whats going on any time, couldn't stop his boner in episode 22 and screams OPPAI!
(but weirdly the first to get a girlfriend...)

Todomatsu, the cute devil.
Nickname is Totty.
Has the girliest personality, and easily the most evil of all the brothers as well.
He's very open about which of his brothers he likes the most and his fetishes.
Honestly, what
Osomatsu, the beer loving oldest brother who embarrasses his younger brothers with no redeeming qualities.
Karamatsu, the painfully cringy second oldest who wears a leather jacket and claims he has "Karamatsu Girls"
Choromatsu, the idol otaku loving geek, usually is always lecturing Osomatsu or searching for a job.
Ichimatsu, the furry, cat loving, lazy fourth oldest who does absolutely nothing all day but slouch and insult Karamatsu.
Jyushimatsu, the overly excited (and always smiling) fifth youngest with the longest sleeves who loves baseball. (Muscle muscle, hustle hustle!)
Todomatsu/Totty, the youngest, the evil, and most importantly the spoiled. Always on his phone blogging stuff and most of the time disappointed in his brothers.

Totoko and Chibita are around with the matsus too, but nothing really ever changes.
Chibita, still the nicest to Karamatsu and always letting the brothers hang around too.
Totoko, the girl all the brothers want to f*** is still a tease.

Would recommend watching if you like a good laugh. (unless you're not into profanity and nude, especially don't watch episode 3)

Thanks for readin! :,D

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