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Anime Reviews > Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

A review by RukiaKuchiki
Added on Apr 13, 2016

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  Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

The series focuses on Neuro Nougami, a demon who feeds on mysteries and puzzles, who comes to the human world to feast on the mysteries offered by humans who release negative energy from their planned crimes. As a demon, he must not make his presence noticed by the humans as it is the law in the human ...

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Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, this anime looks like your everyday detective conan plot detective anime but in reality it's very different , the show revolves around Yako her father was found beheaded with a chainsaw in a locked room , but due to lack of evidence the case was referred as suicide . Then she met Neuro a demon that feeds on mystery, because he has consumed all the mystery in the demon world so he decided to come into the human world , and then he met Yako a perfect cover for him as Yako acts the detective role but in reality the case is solved by Neuro.


Each story is interesting in its own way, and each criminal has unique reasoning for breaking the law, usually having to do with a psychological condition of some sort. Later on, as the main plot progresses, the readers are exposed to stronger criminals that Neuro has to face, and eventually, a main group of antagonists.
One of my favourite aspects of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is the humour. The overall story is rather dark and psychologically disturbing, but the author manages to “lighten” the mood with some equally dark comic relief. It may sound contradicting, and perhaps it is. Because Matsui-sensei makes the reader laugh at things that are not funny at all. I am certainly not a fan of violence or cruelty, but I always find it somehow amusing when Neuro tortures his prey and destroys their psyche. Most likely it is because Neuro himself is a contradicting individual, which is where my next favourite aspect comes in.
The anime is awesome to describe it in one word. It is entertaining and it will keep you at the edge of your seat. Although the weekly villains was a nuisance at first, the Arcs shown at each episode will keep you coming back for more.

There isn't much to say. I personally find the art beautiful. It's nicely done. The facial expressions are pretty good, normally, though sometimes animation quality may go down a tad bit, though not noticeable at all IMO. The dialogue is good and the character development is really good. The action scenes are great when they get going. The plot isn’t super dramatic or in depth but it’s still a very fun and well-crafted story. Well, Neuro offers the exact opposite choice of colouring and still ends up being as wonderful as DN. Other than colours, the characters are well and uniquely drawn. In my view, I find it quite good. Hopefully we all agree.

Honestly, general sound effects are what I expected. The voice actors are a little on the cliche side but so is the story and the characters themselves. Neuro's seiyuu “Takehito Koyasu” is also one of my favourite seiyuus. This anime seriously got this mark because of the opening and ending are catchy and fitting. Nothing bad at all, the music fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the anime, it is quite dark and rock. I really like the opening, which really shows what Neuro is all about, while the ending theme is soft and shows how Yako’s feeling. It grew on me. I couldn't quite make myself dislike it. And the more I listened to it with each episode's beginning, the more I enjoyed it.

Each character unique and beautifully crafted, but the development of each character very smoothly done and extremely addicting to watch unfold. At the beginning of the series, Yako was almost completely a doll and tool to Neuro. Often, Neuro refereed to Yako as ‘louse’, ‘wood louse’, ‘slug’, and finally ‘top slug’. Although at first it seems that Yako's only purpose is to be there as a cover, she later proves herself worthy by being able to decipher the criminal's motive by using her ability to understand human psychology, something that proves to be useful in certain cases, given how Neuro is unable to understand how humans "operate". As the series progressed though, Yako began making discoveries of her own and making bolder attempts at solving mysteries. In the end, Yako’s relationship with Neuro became that of playful companionship rather than the slave and master trap at the beginning, and Neuro began to see Yako as more than just a tool and more of someone standing closer to the same level as him and more deserving of respect. After Neuro returns to the underworld, Yako continues on as a successful detective and carries Neuro’s teaching with her, keeping up with bettering herself and searching for mysteries to solve. She is able to be independent from him and live her life in a purposeful way as a result of their companionship, however short.


Nogami Neuro
Neuro is a demon detective from hell with a very arrogant, sadistic, and self-centered personality. He came to the Human World to look for the Ultimate Mystery, which is "the most complex, the most unfathomable, and so, the most pleasing to the palate. Upon arriving to the surface, he met Yako and forced her to become the front that Neuro needed to look for mysteries. While working on cases, Neuro usually makes use of his demonic powers and abilities to find and defeat the culprit (and sometimes to torture Yako, which he enjoys to do on a daily basis).

Katsuragi Yako
Yako is a 16-year-old high school girl and the very first character introduced. She meets Neuro when he appears and desecrates her father's shrine while promising to help solve the mystery of her father's death. This meeting quickly leads to a partnership: Yako becomes Neuro's cover, pretending to be an investigator while Neuro acts as her assistant.

Overall, I really enjoyed this anime for its comedy and character development. I think if the story was trying to convey some sort of message to the audience it would definitely be to think outside the box and work to improve yourself and your skills with the help of others. I would recommend this anime to someone who loves to laugh and enjoys a bit of mystery. This anime is sure to add a little more flavour to your anime collection. The show will make you shake, scream, laugh and you will get creep out so much that you will just want to re-watch it.

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